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search of local folders not regenerating missing summary files


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Windows 7
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(thunderbird8 fixed)

Thunderbird 9.0
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It used to be that searching local folders would cause a reparse of the local folder db if the summary file was missing. Now, it only seems to reparse if the summary file is out of date, but doesn't handle the missing case.
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A one-line fix is pretty nifty. Is there any way to discover how/when this regression happened?

Since I thoroughly described this problem for 6.0 with screenshot attachments in bug 682588, and made a separate bug 682721 for 3.1.12, I've added a dependency pointing here.
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fixed on trunk -
Closed: 8 years ago
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proposed fix

safe fix for what should be a rare situation...
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What will it take to get this into 3.1.13 with the DigiNotar deprecation (bug 682956)?
(In reply to william.allen.simpson from comment #4)
> What will it take to get this into 3.1.13 with the DigiNotar deprecation
> (bug 682956)?

That's not happening. We're not going to do anything to slow down the DigiNotar fix release.
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Duplicate of this bug: 682721
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