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click to move cursor at end of block


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Steps to reproduce:

Right-click to move cursor to the end of block (which has a padding br) in the attached sample.

Actual results:

Inline element style discontinued

Expected results:

Inline element style remains
Same problem exists when using "End" key to move the cursor instead of clicking at the block end.
After cursor is moved to the block end, subsequent typing should remains in the  applied inline style (font size) instead of moving out of it, with the only exception that when last inline style in the block is linked text.

IE and Webkit works well in this sense.
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We need a spec here to tell browsers how to normalize the selection...
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Yeah, it's definitely on my long-term todo list.  If we spec Selection.modify and require it to behave like the appropriate keypresses, that will give us even better interop on this sort of thing, but that's a much bigger project.  Just defining some sane normalization would do the job in this case.

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