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[uk] Translate new update billboard for Firefox 5+


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We've created one more billboard that's encouraging users to update to the newest version of Firefox, and it should be translated in all languages Firefox is available in.

This is really important because that way we make sure to let our users know that they could use better and newer version of Firefox - in their language!

This time we have 2 billboards. One is for our Firefox 3.6 users, and the other one is for all others who're not using the latest version of Firefox.

Files to translate have been put in:

As you can see, there are 2 files: index.html and from-3.6.html. Both files are actually PHP files, and they contain strings to translate.

Once you translate those files, please commit your changes and paste the revision number here.

As always,

If you need any help with translating these files, don't hesitate to ask. You can find me on IRC(, channel #l10n, nick Milos), or you can email me -
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This is pretty urgent, as we need to have it by Thursday. This message is going to be shown in Firefox to encourage users to upgrade, so it's really important.
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Hi Milos.
I could not log in using my LDAP account once again.
Thus I attached here those two translated files.
Could you also make my LDAP working again?
My login is, maybe you can reset it or so.
Regards, Sergiy
Thanks Sergiy, I am going to commit your work, Milos can you follow up with IT and the LDAP account ?


Can you also tell me what's the exact error message you get when you try to commit? Maybe we don't need to reset your LDAP password.

Also, I'm on IRC if that's easier for you.
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Hi Milos.
It does not say anything. The logon window of TortoiseSVN disappears for a moment than appears again asking my login and password.
It happened many times before - my account just expired.
Regards, Sergiy
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