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Don't even bother trying to unpackComponents if the APK hasn't changed


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During the Android startup, we attempt to unpack files from the APK. The current code does tests on the files (date and size) to make sure we only write out files when they are new.

Still, all the checks add up and on devices with slow file systems, all the .exists() and .lastModified() and .length() checks can take up a non-trivial amount of time.

From my tests on the nexus one, galaxy tab, and a Try server run on the Tegras, it's around 200ms.

This patch sets the last modified timestamp to the APK last modified timestamp when creating the "components" folder. If the folder exists and the timestamps are the same, we just leave.
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looks good, small tweaks needed.

::: embedding/android/
@@ +461,5 @@
>          throws IOException, FileNotFoundException
>      {
> +        File applicationPackage = new File(getApplication().getPackageResourcePath());
> +        File componentsDir = new File(sGREDir, "components");
> +        if (componentsDir.exists() && componentsDir.lastModified() == applicationPackage.lastModified())

You don't need the first call to .exists().

If componentsDir doesn't exists, then the call to lastModified() will return zero and that will not match the applicationPackage.lastModified().  so, just:

if (componentsDir.lastModified() == applicationPackage.lastModified())

@@ +468,2 @@
>          componentsDir.mkdir();
> +        componentsDir.setLastModified(applicationPackage.lastModified());

If this line fails, which could happen if utime fails, you won't unpack.  Please test for failure.  (it returns a bool.  false == failure)
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ignore the comment about the change I wanted against setLastModified.  If the system doesn't support utime for some reason, worse case, we will unpack everytime.
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Makes the first change, but skips the second. The worst thing that should happen from a failed setLastModified call is that we unpack the next time around.
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patch 2

Too much for Beta. Will try for Aurora.
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patch 2

Approved for releases/mozilla-aurora. Please land asap.
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