Readd support for the explicit $topsrcdir/mozconfig location (but error if mozconfig and .mozconfig are both present)

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Bug 675691 removed support for a slew of bizarre locations implicitly probed for a mozconfig for sourcing Mozilla build options.  That's good: explicit is better than implicit, and all that.

Yet I think this removal went slightly too far in removing support for $topsrcdir/mozconfig.  This useful alternative to .mozconfig was good precisely because it is explicit: it shows up in directory listings, and in folder views and the like, where .mozconfig does not.

I understand there have been "multiple requests to add [$topsrcdir/mozconfig support] back".  Reading bug 675691, the reason I see for not doing this is worry about having "a fair bit of additional complexity" from allowing two different locations and it not being clear which would be used.  I'm happy to take on that complexity (which seems to be only a few lines) if that's what it takes to preserve the explicit, visible-in-directories non-dotted mozconfig name.

So could we readd support for $topsrcdir/mozconfig, please?
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Yeah, this makes sense.
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Jeff, [or sid] when this lands on m-c can you possibly land an exact copy of this patch to c-c?
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Just pushed to inbound. Will try to push to comm-central when it will be green on inbound. Otherwise, would be great that the merger does it.
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