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Tune when to display the update progress bar window


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Turn off the installation progress bar window. I talked about this with rs and he said it would be very easy to do. I talked with PMM folks about the potential confusion (especially users on old machines) that go to launch Fx and don't see feedback while it is waiting for the install to complete.

We think we want to hide it in every case.
I don't understand this, can you explain it a bit further please?

Which installation progress bar window? How does a user launch Fx if it is not installed yet?

Or is this to do with updates, tweaking the same values that bug 650973 tweaked? In that case I'm still confused. Doesn't turning off that progress bar make things worse not better?

(For anyone else that had to hunt for it, PMM is Product Marketing Manager).
Depending on how the Windows service is implemented it could remove this on Windows.

For Mac OS X there are cases where it takes a significant amount of time.

For Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows when the service is not installed we should apply updates on shutdown which will remove the need to display this except in the restart case.

What we need to do is display it when it takes a significant amount of time and only display it then though that is work.
Summary: Turn off the installation progress bar window → Tune when to display the update progress bar window
Just as a point of reference, bug 307181 will eliminate this UI completely in most cases.
Depends on: bgupdates
Depends on: bgupdates
Now we seldom show the progress dialog unless the update will take significant time. Resolving -> wontfix.
Closed: 6 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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