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make it clearer in splinter that a hunk's section/function header is not a removal


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When reviewing this patch with Splinter, I noticed that it seemed to remove the "ku" line from l10n-changesets_mozilla-beta:

Upon closer inspection I noticed that there was no line number associated with that "removal", so I looked at the raw diff ( and noticed that the ku part was just extra context at the start of the hunk.

I'm pretty sure I've seen this with other diffs too.
Whiteboard: [ateamtrack: p=bugzilla q=2 m=3]
Whiteboard: [ateamtrack: p=bugzilla q=2 m=3] → [ateamtrack: p=bugzilla q=2013q2 m=3]
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the line in question is:

@@ -48,28 +48,28 @@ ku 661c8de1dad2

the part after the second @@ is an optional section header; normally it's used to hold the name of the function this hunk is a part of.

both splinter and bugzilla's native diff viewer display this information differently from a normal diff -- this is why it has a different coloured background and is missing the line numbers.

i'm not sure why git/hg is putting the previous line there, however that you've (almost) confused it with a removal indicates that how splinter styles this isn't clear enough.

bugzilla's diff puts a border around the line and includes the line numbers.  i'll do the same for splinter.
Summary: splinter diff viewer gets confused by some diffs → make it clearer in splinter that a hunk's section/function header is not a removal
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