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WCAP subscribed calendars not appearing


(Calendar :: Provider: WCAP, defect)

Lightning 1.0b7
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Steps to reproduce:

I tried to setup my WCAP Calendar at work.

Actual results:

Configuration of a WCAP Calendar works but no subscribed ones appeared.

Expected results:

A List of several subscribed calendars (owned and non owned) should have appeared.
Please enable logging and check your error console for messages or errors. I believe the prefs are mentioned in the other bug you just commented on.
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Error Log

error: cal.getCalendarManager is not a function
 1: [.../calWcapUtils.js:169] logError
 2: [.../calWcapSession.js:685] search_onResult
 3: [.../calWcapSession.js:923] searchForCalendars_resp
 4: [.../calWcapRequest.js:181] calWcapRequest_execRespFunc
 5: [.../calWcapSession.js:983] searchForCalendars_netResp
 6: [.../calWcapRequest.js:194] calWcapRequest_execSubRespFunc
 7: [.../calWcapSession.js:778] issueNetworkRequest_resp
 8: [.../calWcapRequest.js:194] calWcapRequest_execSubRespFunc
 9: [.../calWcapSession.js:804] netResp
10: [.../calWcapRequest.js:420] calWcapNetworkRequest_execRespFunc
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There are some local variables and function arguments called "cal". Most probably they eclipse the namespace "cal" that contains the function getCalendarManager.

Possible error locations:*%24&hitlimit=&tree=comm-central
Ever confirmed: true
Seeing this, too. Happens for each subscribed calendar after logging 'registering subscribed calendar'
It seems to break in calWcapSession.js line 570, without 'cal.' it works for me.
Ah yes, in that function the argument "cal" shadows the namespace "cal". Changing the argument name and adapting the code in that function is the correct solution here. If someone wants to put up a quick patch I'll r+ it here.
This patch renames local variables and function arguments from "cal" to "calendar" or "aCalendar" to avoid collision with "cal" namespace.

I could not test the patch thoroughly. Therefore I'd appreciate if someone could do some testing with the patch applied.
Assignee: nobody → ssitter
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don't use "cal" name for variables or function arguments

Review of attachment 559877 [details] [diff] [review]:

Oooh great! Thanks for the patch, very nice. r=philipp and approval down to comm-beta as is but you could change:

::: calendar/base/content/calendar-common-sets.js
@@ +574,5 @@
>      get all_local_calendars_readonly() {
>          // We might want to speed this part up by keeping track of this in the
>          // calendar manager.
> +        var calendars = getCalendarManager().getCalendars({});
> +        var count = calendars.length;

While you're here, you could change to cal.getCalendarManager and use let instead of var. Same goes for other places where there are not too many var statements in the function.
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Closed: 8 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Summary: WCAP subscribed calendars not apearing → WCAP subscribed calendars not appearing
Target Milestone: --- → Trunk
Luc, Jens could you help to verify that the fix works? New test builds for Thunderbird 7 Beta should be available from
Just tested the latest build, works fine!
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