Math.round() does not handle -0 and -0.5 properly



7 years ago
7 years ago


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7 years ago
ecma262, s15.8.2.15 round (x)
Returns the Number value that is closest to x and is equal to a mathematical integer. If two integer Number values are equally close to x, then the result is the Number value that is closer to +INFINITY. If x is already an integer, the result is x.

- If x is -0, the result is -0.

Math.round(-0); --> 0 (should be -0)
Infinity/Math.round(-0) --> +Infinity (should be -Infinity)
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Comment 1

7 years ago
The testcase ecma3/Number/ "Infinity/Math.round(-0)" is actually checking for +Infinity instead of -Infinity

Comment 2

7 years ago
Another point in the specification that is not handled properly is:

- If x is less than 0 but greater than or equal to -0.5, the result is -0.

Math.round(-0.49); --> 0 (should be -0)
Infinity/Math.round(-0.49) --> +Infinity (should be -Infinity)
Summary: Math.round() does not handle -0 properly → Math.round() does not handle -0 and -0.5 properly
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