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Try to open correct on OpenBSD


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Followup to bug #650772, similar to #667325 and loosely related to #681026, i'm trying to test webGL on fx 7/trunk on OpenBSD, this won't work atm as we only have mesa 7.8.2 (but the update to 7.10.3 is in the works), but at least that patch makes glxtest and GLXLibrary::EnsureInitialized() try to open an existing libGL lib. On OpenBSD, doesn't exist, and the so version changes over time (see #650772 for more details), using will ensure the last installed is opened.

With that change (applied against 7.0b5, but patch is against trunk), at least the symbols are correctly checked (we're lacking glXBindTexImageEXT and glXReleaseTexImageEXT but i suppose that's a different issue)
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Better patch that applies against tip.
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Open on OpenBSD

Looks fine; sorry for the long review delay.
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Wait! why don't we just open everywhere? At least here on debian, it is a symlink to

If the reason is that we don't want to crash when a new ABI-incompatible comes out, then the present OpenBSD patch is not acceptable for this reason; but I rather think that OpenGL will never break ABI (or even API) compatibility since it never has in 15 years of existence; and when OpenGL ES 2 broke compatibility, the library name was not

So I'd rather just use everywhere.
See above comment for rationale.

Not sure whom to ask for review. Ted knows stuff and commented on the other bug.
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Counter-proposal: always go for since libGL should never break compatibility

Review of attachment 566731 [details] [diff] [review]:

I'm not sure that I'm the right reviewer here, but I don't have a better suggestion, and this looks pretty reasonable.
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Counter-proposal: always go for since libGL should never break compatibility

Unfortunately, on our very own fedora 12 test slaves, does not exist.
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Thanks! I'd have gone the route too, but i'm not surprised some oses only carry the versionned lib/soname.
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