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6 years ago
When visiting using the latest nightly Fennec build on a Galaxy Tab and an Eee Pad Transformer, I get a "Problem loading page" with "Content Encoding Error"

I've tried spoofing other UAs with no effect. I've tried on a few different wi-fi networks (home and work) with no effect. I've tried many many reloads with no effect.
hey asa,

when we trace this back we will very likely find that is sending two response values for some kind of security important header - like content-length, location, or content-disposition. (also possibly, an invalidly formatted content-length that we don't feel we can parse safely). The integrity of the http channel relies on them being consistent - a mismatch here is the core of most HTTP response smuggling attacks, which is why we reject it instead of trying to muddle through.

there is already a bug open saying the details/error need to be better.
(In reply to Patrick McManus from comment #1)
> when we trace this back we will very likely find that is

I was wrong. what I described was a different, but similar, error message and it had been on my mind lately. But this issue is 100% unrelated to what I erroneously described in comment 1.

Instead, is serving up in response to / a 8908 byte response without a content-type and labeled Content-Encoding: gzip .. however it is not a valid gzip file. Thus the rather literal "Content Encoding Error".

If you go to about:config and turn off compression negotiation the page loads fine (it sends a 50KB file, still without a content-type which we sniff as html.)

the server is one I have never heard of: misultin/0.9-dev

Interesting that it doesn't send gzip (either broken or valid) to the desktop - I'm not sure what it is sniffing to make that distinction, it isn't the UA string.

I don't think there is anything to fix on mozilla's side.. evangelism needed.

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6 years ago
Patrick, thank you for looking into this. I will see if I can find a contact at irccloud.

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6 years ago
I do the backend/server stuff for irccloud. We're now sending "Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8" for the / page, and it's now working fine on the firefox nightly on my nexus s.

Feel free to CC me, or (frontend/browser stuff for irccloud) on any future tickets.


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