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Duplicate twitter search engine listed in search bar


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Steps to reproduce:

Upgraded to Firefox 8 beta. I already have Twitter Address Bar search addon installed.

Actual results:

I now see two Twitter listed in search bar. And the "Manage search engines" UI was not of the proper size and OK buttons was hidden. Spent some time figuring out why my Remove action was not working.

Expected results:

There should not be two twitter search engines. And the manage search engine UI should of proper size so that users can see the OK button.

Search made by the 2 twitter search engines differ by partner.

I believe 1st one is from Twitter Address Bar search addon and later from new change in Firefox 8 beta.
Looks clearly like a regression from bug 671307. Vlad, can you please confirm?
Blocks: 671307
Keywords: regression
OS: Mac OS X → All
Hardware: x86 → All
Whiteboard: [qa+]
I confirm the behavior: upgrading from Firefox 7.0.1 to Firefox 8.0 beta 1 on Win 7 x86 with Twitter Adress Bar is duplicating Twitter search engine in the search bar.
Ever confirmed: true
(In reply to Henrik Skupin (:whimboo) from comment #1)
> Looks clearly like a regression from bug 671307.

Not really - rather a bad interaction between that and the addon.

It seems to have a hack where it attempts to hide any existing Twitter search plugins, and replace it with a "Twitter " (note the space). I don't see offhand why that would cause this, though.
Looking at the patch, the name of the engine is "Twitter" and uses a partner code "Firefox":
+  <Param name="partner" value="Firefox"/>

I don't see two in the search bar after installing though:

Components.utils.import("resource://gre/modules/Services.jsm"); JSON.stringify( [, e.hidden]))

Before install:
[["Google",false],["Yahoo",false],["Bing",false],["",false],["eBay",false],["Twitter",false],["Wikipedia (en)",false]]

After install:
[["Google",false],["Twitter ",false],["Yahoo",false],["Bing",false],["",false],["eBay",false],["Twitter",true],["Wikipedia (en)",false]]

After uninstall:
[["Google",false],["Yahoo",false],["Bing",false],["",false],["eBay",false],["Twitter",false],["Wikipedia (en)",false]]
---------------------------------[ Triage Comment ]---------------------------------

Doubt this needs to be fixed before release, but we should track until we get a definitive answer.

Kev? Asa? How many people are potentially affected by this? Do we care for Firefox 8? We need a resolution asap, even if that resolution is saying we'll live with the behavior
QA chiming in here. I am of the opinion that if we have a fix in hand, lets land it on beta (it would seem pretty low risk to me); if we don't have a fix in hand, let it ride.
Thanks anthony. Poke Kev/Asa...
I agree with Anthony. Do we need a relnote or support article ready or anything like that?
I've verified this issue on Windows XP and Ubuntu 11.10 x86 and it works fine for me.

The Twitter Address Bar Search add-on was installed on Firefox 7.0.1 and the Twitter search engine was added in the search engines list. Afterwards, Firefox was upgraded to 8.0 beta 6. After the upgrade, the Twitter search engine was only listed once in the search engines list from the search bar (no duplicates).

It also WFM when trying to reproduce with Firefox 7.0 beta 5 instead of 7.0.1.
Added to the release notes for Firefox 8.
Since this was important enough to relnote, we should probably make sure that nobody is running into the issue now on SUMO (since it sounds like we weren't able to repro internally). If people are still, we should continue the investigation.
Cheng - can you check to see whether this is still an issue on input/etc.? If not, I think we can untrack and assign to nobody.
Assignee: nobody → cwwmozilla
This bug has been tagged for regression and or closure.
Appears there have been updates to this functionality
In latest release I am not seeing problems with search preferences or when applying the Twitter AddOn
Closing as Resolved-WFM
If anyone can still produce an issue, please provide updates to STR/OS and Fx versions.
Closed: 8 years ago
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