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Keep getting messaged by sync, don't understand. do i *need* this?


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Windows XP
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Steps to reproduce:

Just about anything I do causes a sync message at the bottom of the browser. I don't understand why - I went to options and tried everything.  Do I really need to have this?

Actual results:

opened web browser with tabs - basic use of computer

Expected results:

sync should leave me alone
OS: All → Windows XP
Product: Mozilla Services → Firefox
Thanks for your report! Our server infrastructure is experiencing load problems currently. Our Ops team is on the case. Thanks for your patience!

If you wish to disable Sync for the time being, you can do so by clicking on "Unlink This Device" in the "Sync" options tab. Be sure to write down your Recovery Key first, though, so that you can reconnect later.
Blocks: 690470
I also need to see if this *problem* is part or responsible for, a problem I am having in FB... where the chat and messaging do not work. I cannot seem to find just what is causing the problem after checking everything I can get my hands on.  Chat/Messaging works in Chrome...but I prefer Firefox ... and the chat/messaging does NOT work in Firefox.  Java: ok, Flash: ok.  They haven't worked in DAYS ... and I'm not sure if it is connected to my upgrading to the newest Firefox.
I unlinked the device... and that is NOT what was causing the Facebook problems.
Please file a separate bug report for the problem with Facebook chat, with a clear
list of steps to reproduce the problem.  Thanks.

This bug is about the problem with Sync.
Component: General → Server: Sync
Product: Firefox → Mozilla Services
QA Contact: general → sync-server
Component: Server: Sync → General
QA Contact: sync-server → general
mass change of sync error bugs filed during outage.
Whiteboard: [closeme 2011-10-30]
Servers were repaired. marking as FIXED
Closed: 12 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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