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Interaction between IPBoard 3.+ and FF3.6.+/FF7.01+ with images posted after ignored user - Works OK if FF is switched to IE Tab 2


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Steps to reproduce:

It took me more than a month to narrow this down. 
1) Using IPBoard 3.+ I *IGNORE* a user.
2) I posted a message afterwords with images. (Either attached or linked or both)
3) Tried DNS refresh as well as browser cache as well as disabling ADD-ONs while trying to figure out the problem.

Actual results:

When I post an image (internal attachment or external http://) in a post following a post by an IGNORED user, I get the grey image reduction bar with negative size and no image(s). If I "view" the ignored user's post, his images are the same - grey bars; negative reduction #s as well as mine. I can see my images in PREVIEW mode, but when I POST, the images flash, but disappear leaving the grey bars. BUT, in either case, my signature image always shows.

Using the IE Tab 2 option, the images show properly in both posts. 

Expected results:

The images in my post should show regardless of status of message/user before it
I had to mark this as only one choice of BRANCH so I chose 7.01 BUT it's been occurring since 3.6.17 at the very least; It took me this long to nail it down. This problem also happened on BOTH of my computers; one running WinVista 32 SP2 and one running Win7 64 SP1; both with varying editions of FF.. I'm on the Win7/64 with FF 7.01 at this time and can reproduce the problem 100% of the time.
Does the issue still occur if you start Firefox in Safe Mode?

How about with a new, empty profile?

Does the issue occur with other browsers?

Please provide a public URL or reduced test case that exhibits this issue.
Works fine with Chrome and IE9; and with FF running a IE tab..

Still screwed in FF SAFE MODE as well.

With the problems I've had with missing ICONS and such with changes to PROFILES I must respectfully refrain from your request to try another profile on THIS computer. I *did* have this problem with any of the THREE profiles I had on the Vista machine so will that suffice?

Unable to provide a public URL to show the event as one has to be a non-guest USER on the IPBoard forums and have another member IGNORED (can't ignore users or see most images anyway as a guest) - If you are a Member of Malwarebytes Support Forums, you can duplicate.

The URL is 

Thank you for your assistance. I am willing to work with you on this problem as much as I am able to do so without screwing the pooch on my finally good-working 7.01 installation.

I went ahead and took a chance and created a TEST profile. Started FF, logged in and went to the post after the ignored user. No joy.. Same problem. Sorry about not being able to provide a public URL but I've now done everything else you requested.

Thanks again for working on this problem.


The ADMIN was kind enough to set up an account requested by me for you on the Board. I sent the UserName and Password to your GMAIL address. I also logged on as you ONCE to set one of the pertinent users to IGNORE and also get the http link to the TOPIC/POSTs where the problem is most obvious (and I wanted to make certain the problem existed under your user name) I am now logged out. Even tho' you have no posts there, I ask him to up your Group to HONORARY MEMBER so you could post and edit and send PMs while there. 

I am user ShyWriter (no - or _ like here between the Shy and Writer) on there.

When you want to see the missing images, click on the down arrow to the right of your username at top-right and select MANAGE IGNORED USERS and remove the user's name I have in there. Go back to the topic I linked to (may have to refresh - I don't know) and voila`, all the images are there; bright and glossy.

Ummm.. Anybody there??
Is anyone still working on this problem. I've done everything Tim asked, and more, and now I haven't had any contact from anyone including a direct email to Tim's gmail address since Tim (fmdeveloper) 2011-10-06 12:05:51 PDT.
If no one is interested in these types of bugs, I won't waste my time in the future. I know what causes my bug from a user's standpoint and I've developed a work-around for myself. 
Thanks anyway,
I am a volunteer; a fellow Firefox user just like you. I am not on this site 24 hours a day. I have received the information and will attempt to reproduce when I can.
Appreciate your volunteer work Tim. I wasn't sure you got the login credentials, etc, since you didn't reply to the direct e-mail. Thought I might have gotten caught in a SPAM filter or such.. 

(Thanks to your reply, I'm now working on another bug concerning FF3.17-7.01 and a very few public web pages missing the send or done or continue buttons after the comment message/post box that are there with other browsers and FF w/IETab2. Been around for awhile :) )

Due to lack of response in using the FFTest user account that would have allowed in verifying/testing the bug, generated on Malwarebytes Forums, their ADMIN requested, and I agreed, to cancel the account..

The FFTest account is now dead. Feel free to close out this report..
Severity: normal → S3
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