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Put up snippets for linux64 minor and major updates to SeaMonkey 2.4.1


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We need to put up major and minor updates to SeaMonkey 2.4.1 for Linux64.
Bug 682138 and bug 688351 have helpful logs of what I did the last times for this.
Skimming those old bugs, can you mark *beta* users to update to 2.5b2 when you do this?

And plan to not create updates for *release* builds against beta snippets in the future (if its not too much work).

I plan to follow suite with Firefox and stop offering "beta" updates to release repo's, which means we won't have _actual_ release users on beta channel (normally)
I won't get around to do updates with a frequency that warrants to do separate snippets that update to any beta version, esp. given that the beta audience among linux64 users is almost non-existent.
And I see no harm in having a few beta channel users on a release build - in fact, I find it bad that we don't ship release builds to the beta audience any more and therefore don't catch potential issues prematurely there.
I think I have done everything needed, here's the log of what I did exactly.
My spot-checks all worked OK, so I'm calling this fixed. As I said, I don't think I can find the time to keep people up to date with betas, we can look into that once we can fully run this in the normal build process.
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