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Enable mozhghooks/ on mozilla-central, feeder repos, and release branches


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Please change DATE_HOOK_ENABLED to two days in the future and then enable mozhghooks/ on mozilla-central, feeder repos, and release branches.

See for the consensus behind this change, and bug 506949 for details.
I'm not sure what feeder repos are, but we need this on mozilla-inbound.
I believe Jesse means "all branches that merge with mozilla-central", so inbound and all project branches.
Dan is back next week, between he and Ben they should be able to get this figured out.  Any and all instructions you guys can provide for people who are not use to managing mercurial would speed this up.  Thanks
I've figured out where this lives by reading the bug referenced in comment #0.  I'd like to coordinate with someone from build when adding this, so I don't mess it up.  I'll plan on doing this tomorrow.
Assignee: server-ops → bkero

    23 # Before enabling this hook on mozilla-central (and feeder repos), this should be
    24 # set to a date in the near future.
    25 DATE_HOOK_ENABLED = time.mktime(datetime.datetime(2011, 10, 01).timetuple()) # October 2011 (CHANGE ME)

Don't forget this.
We still need to enable this hook on the feeder repos.
This hook has been enabled on mozilla-mobile-5.0 (for testing), and now for mozilla-inbound, and went active today.

evilpie on irc said there was more bikeshedding on this implementation, and that it was recommended that I hold off that in deploying it until the discussion had resolved.
For reference, the hook is held in /repo/hg/libraries/mozhghooks/ and the reference in $REPO/.hg/hrc is:

pretxnchangegroup.c_commitmessage = python:mozhghooks.commit-message.hook
So from my understanding we enabled it everywhere, where wanted.
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