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6 years ago
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6 years ago
This is a fallout from bug 658313.

If we look at this:
we can grab a Windows talos tp log:
we can see that tp5_shutdown_paint posted to Firefox-Non-PGO:[[128,94,496]]

This affects Fedora12, Fedora12x64, Win7 and WinXp.

We have to fix the branch name:
> 'python' '' '-v' '-e' '../firefox/firefox' '-t' 'talos-r3-w7-034' '-b' '1.9.2' '--branchName' 'Firefox-Non-PGO' '--resultsServer' '' '--resultsLink' '/server/collect.cgi' '--activeTests' 'tp5' '--mozAfterPaint' '--symbolsPath' '../symbols'

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6 years ago
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PGO builds should post to $branch rather than $branch-Non-PGO
Assignee: nobody → armenzg
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PGO builds should post to $branch rather than $branch-Non-PGO

We should be looking at branchConfig['add_pgo_builders'] instead.  I have a patch that fixes this issue, will post it shortly.
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another idea

Before removing my printf debugging lines, some sample output.  MozillaTest is the talos branch we use for all staging test runs.

Rev3 WINNT 5.1 mozilla-1.9.2 talos tp4 - MozillaTest
Rev3 WINNT 5.1 mozilla-inbound talos tp - MozillaTest-Non-PGO
Rev3 WINNT 5.1 mozilla-inbound pgo talos tp - MozillaTest
Rev3 WINNT 5.1 build-system talos tp - MozillaTest
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6 years ago
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another idea

Review of attachment 566310 [details] [diff] [review]:

This is good. I was already trying this same approach but I was not being able to make the output match what I wanted. I probably was doing something wrong.

Feel free to land it any time. I can do a reconfig in the morning if it doesn't happen today.
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Ok, i'll land it now.  Thanks for doing the reconfig!
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another idea
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Masters have been reconfig'd with this change.
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6 years ago
This hasn't worked:
| Rev3 Fedora 12 mozilla-central pgo talos tp on 2011-10-12 04:02:57 PDT for push e0ae39a3298e
| python -v -e ../firefox/firefox-bin -t talos-r3-fed-009 -b 1.9.2 --branchName Firefox-Non-PGO --resultsServer --resultsLink /server/collect.cgi --activeTests tp5 --mozAfterPaint --symbolsPath ../symbols

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6 years ago
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use pgo_factory
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6 years ago
This is now fixed:[[115,1,1],[115,1,14],[115,1,12],[115,1,15]]&sel=none&displayrange=7&datatype=running
Last Resolved: 6 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Product: → Release Engineering
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