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Failure to serialize security info for e10s should be a hard error, not a warning

RESOLVED FIXED in mozilla10



6 years ago
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(Reporter: briansmith, Assigned: Mujtaba A)


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The code should be something like this:

@@ -204,25 +205,27 @@ WyciwygChannelParent::OnStartRequest(nsI
   PRInt32 contentLength = -1;
   PRInt32 charsetSource = kCharsetUninitialized;
   nsCAutoString charset;
   chan->GetCharsetAndSource(&charsetSource, charset);
-  nsCOMPtr<nsISupports> securityInfo;
+  nsCOMPtr<nsITransportSecurityInfo> securityInfo;
   nsCString secInfoStr;
   if (securityInfo) {
     nsCOMPtr<nsISerializable> serializable = do_QueryInterface(securityInfo);
     if (serializable)
       NS_SerializeToString(serializable, secInfoStr);
-    else
-      NS_WARNING("Can't serialize security info");
+    else {
+      NS_ERROR("Can't serialize security info");
+      return NS_ERROR_UNEXPECTED;
+    }


6 years ago
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6 years ago
As already communicated, I would like to help with this. I will try to submit a patch after I get home later tonight (probably around 1am or so)

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6 years ago
Created attachment 568916 [details] [diff] [review]
Warning changed to error

I did not know how to automatically generate the comment at the top, so, I manually inserted the first two lines. I hope that is okay.

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6 years ago

I did not convert nsISupports to nsITransportSecurityInfo due to the following errors:

/home/mujtaba/firefox/mozilla-central/netwerk/protocol/wyciwyg/WyciwygChannelParent.cpp:212: error: ‘nsITransportSecurityInfo’ was not declared in this scope
/home/mujtaba/firefox/mozilla-central/netwerk/protocol/wyciwyg/WyciwygChannelParent.cpp:212: error: template argument 1 is invalid
/home/mujtaba/firefox/mozilla-central/netwerk/protocol/wyciwyg/WyciwygChannelParent.cpp:212: error: invalid type in declaration before ‘;’ token
/home/mujtaba/firefox/mozilla-central/netwerk/protocol/wyciwyg/WyciwygChannelParent.cpp:213: error: no matching function for call to ‘getter_AddRefs(int&)’
/home/mujtaba/firefox/mozilla-central/netwerk/protocol/wyciwyg/WyciwygChannelParent.cpp:216: error: invalid conversion from ‘int’ to ‘nsISupports*’
/home/mujtaba/firefox/mozilla-central/netwerk/protocol/wyciwyg/WyciwygChannelParent.cpp:216: error:   initializing argument 1 of ‘nsQueryInterface do_QueryInterface(nsISupports*)’

I have not looked through the code enough to understand how to include nsITransportSecurityInfo works, so, I left it for the proposed patch. I did implement the error though.

Let me know if I need to fix anything!

Comment 5

6 years ago
You can just include nsITransportSecurityInfo.h to get rid of that error.
(In reply to Mujtaba A from comment #4)
> I did not convert nsISupports to nsITransportSecurityInfo due to the
> following errors:

That is OK, because that part of my suggestion was copy/pasted out of a bigger patch that does a bunch of nsISupports -> nsITransportSecurityInfo conversions.
(In reply to Josh Matthews [:jdm] from comment #5)
> You can just include nsITransportSecurityInfo.h to get rid of that error.

This won't help, because GetSecurityInfo's parameter requires an nsISupports. nsISupports is specific enough for this patch to work anyway.
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Warning changed to error

looks good to me, but I don't feel comfortable reviewing changes to most wyciwyg or e10s code. Michal or Jason certainly will.
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6 years ago
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Hey congrats on your first patch in the tree! 

Hope to see you on IRC ( in #developers soon. If you'd like to fix another bug (we'd love it if you did!) but need some inspiration, pop on & say hi - and we'll find something for you :-)
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