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Create "Fennec Native" product


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Rename product Fennec to FennecXUL, create new Fennec.

We are moving to a native ui for fennec [1].  We need a new product to track the new bugs.  We do not want to WONTFIX or otherwise lose those bugs.  So we decided to create a new product for Fennec, and rename the existing.

for the "old fennec" product, do you want the description changed.  currently:

Fennec is the code name of the effort to build a mobile version of Firefox (<a href="">more info</a>)

for the "new fennec" product, we need the information listed on


as this request is replacing one established product with another, i'd like to investigate how this will impact the bugzilla code before proceeding (i'm thinking about the impact on code which stores the product name, such as saved searches, maybe charting, ...).

this wouldn't be an issue if the the new product was a new name (eg. FennecNative).

after the rename happens, where should new bugs be filed?  i suspect the best thing to do is to update the product choosers (pretty product chooser and guided bug entry) to file "fennec" bugs into the "fennecXUL" product as it's unlikely users will be filing bugs against an unreleased product :)
If we can easily rename bug products, then IMO leave the current shipping Fennec named "Fennec" and create the new product for the native Android UI -> "Fennec Native"

This would the least obtrusive thing to do right now. When the new product is closer to shipping, we can flip the names.
from irc:

<glob> i think it makes more sense for new bugs to land on XUL
<dougt> glob: that makes sense.  we can change that later right?
<glob> dougt, of course 
<dougt> yup, lets do that then!
For the new Fennec:

    The name of the product:


    The classification (group) you would like the product in

Same as the old fennec

    A longer description, usually including a web link for more info on the product

Same as the old fennec

    The initial list of components, with their info (see below)

Just "General" is fine for now. 

    The initial list of versions, with their info (see below)

Leave this blank for now, we can adjust later

    The initial list of target milestones, with their info (see below)

Leave this blank for now, we can adjust later

    The security group(s) bugs should be classified under when a user checks the security flag (if you don't know, we can help figure this out for you)

Same as the old fennec
on the old fennec, you can change the description to:

Fennec is the code name of the effort to build a mobile version of Firefox using XUL(<a href="">more info</a>).

Notice "using XUL" was the addition.  We can adjust this text when the Native UI is ready.
Assignee: nobody → glob
Summary: Rename product Fennec to FennecXUL, create new Fennec → Create "Fennec Native" product
done.  please file a new bug when you're ready to flip the names.
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Depends on: 696370
Depends on: 696388
Depends on: 769731
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