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Firefox Tracking Flags





7 years ago
*Compute raw start; we want this because we are bringing up gecko... we need to evaluate how slow the libraries are loading

*Start with Vlad's blog for python script creation and leverage Ts tests

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7 years ago
So far we have: Birch loading a remote URL that can evaluate how long it has been since the command was executed 

Next steps: transfer current time from phone to laptop.
Current standpoint : 
kbrosnan is trying to figure out how to post data from a webpage
nhirata is trying to figure out how to get opera and dolphin to startup to a certain page.

notes can be seen here :

nhirata spent cycles trying to figure out why opera and dolphin were switching pages.  Most cycles were on the thought of the wrong intent/commandline/etc.  Turned out that the js script in the webpage were causing a restart.  Need to figure out which part of the page is causing opera and dolphin to choke still.
Also trying to find a root program that would work.

Timing issue solved by rooting phone and syncing phone and laptop to a time server.
Turned out that I had missed part of the code where it closed the window in the web page.  Got my portions to work now.  Need to combine with kbrosnan's code.

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7 years ago
In order to get these tests complete, the following needs to happen: 

1) Get the time completely local (we are not 100% sure how to get that done yet because the date function on the android device only goes to the second instead of the milisecond.

2) We need to be able to post the data to a server (like google docs).

3) We need to make this automagic so this isn't so time consuming.


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Assignee: kbrosnan → nhirata.bugzilla

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7 years ago
Over to Clint.
Assignee: nhirata.bugzilla → ctalbert
tracking-fennec: --- → 11+
Keywords: fennecnative-releaseblocker
isn't this FIXED now?
Keywords: fennecnative-releaseblocker

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7 years ago
Um, yeah. For a while. No idea what bug it was fixed in, marking WFM.
Last Resolved: 7 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
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