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Detect startup crashes caused by incompatible addons


(Toolkit :: Add-ons Manager, defect)

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Part of the self-tests for compatible-by-default addons.

Detect startup crashes, figure out if they're related to an addon, mark that addon as incompatible.
are you thinking this is a service supplied by general crash stats data or adminstrators of that data, or something the client tries to figure out on its own.

We definitely have suspects in the crash data.

reports like help to isolate crashes that 100% of the time happen within 30-60 seconds of start up, and are strongly associated with addons, and addon compat checking.

often the crashes happen before the compatibility checking happens so we get false indidators there.  Here is an example from the report above.

win5.1 0.63 
win6.0 0.04 
win6.1 0.34 
less than 30 seconds 100%     	
addons not checked 0.0000	
crash count 331	
signature vksaver3.dll.0x2e55

that bug has some hints about how we might construct a test case to draw out incompatibility that results in crashes.
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