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Add colors bottom of MozCamp Banner


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Hey there: We (me, Gen, William) thought it would look nice to add additional colors to the bottom of the MozCamp poster. The rationale is that we're printing several roll-up posters and one large banner (6x4') per Camp -- and wanted to have some variety for the roll-up posters, but keep the red background for the large banner.

The request is to add one color from the top of the poster graphic to background of the bottom of the  graphic (behind the dino head), creating 4 additional poster graphics (five in total).

Attached is the current MozCamp poster graphic.

Can this be turned around by COB Wednesday, 10/26? We're going to print this week.

Assignee: tshahian → jslater
assigning to Lee for now since he has the files and it can be a quick fix.  Otherwise, we can have someone else knock this out.  the design rocks btw.
Assignee: jslater → ltom
I have color variants saved out. what are the exact dimensions needed for the banners?
perfecto :)
Assignee: ltom → smartell
Thanks, Sean.

We'd like to render the bottoms of the posters in the set 5 colors (blue, red, green, orange, purple); however, the bottom color for the large banner will stay red.

We'd like to use the larger version of the banner graphic as a back drop for the main speaker stage. Let's set the height to 96" (8 feet) with a complimentary width. Not sure when we'll be able to know exact dimensions. Can you proceed with rescaling the image without this feedback?
I'd need to know exact dimensions for the smaller banners and larger banner to finalize the artwork. Perhaps check with the printer for exact dimensions?
Hi, Sean -- Here's the spec for the roll-up poster. Any way we can turn-around by noon 11/28? The planner needs to put the order in this weekend (Berlin time).
Here's the spec for the stage banner. Any way we can turn-around by noon 11/28? The planner needs to put the order in this weekend (Berlin time). The bottom of the banner will stay red.
Yep! working on them now.
So the large banner - they give the dimensions for the space, but will it be printed in strips?  What is the largest dimension we can use that they can actually print?  <-- 5 banners for back wall.  look good?  <--- color variants
zipping .ai files if all good. 

Is Illustrator CS5 version ok for print house?
Jason?  can you please respond so we can close this out?  Thanks
I've looked at my work, thought it over, and approved it. :)

Files in zip here - 5 color banners and 5 files for the 5-part mural.

Enjoy! :)
Thanks Sean!  Jason, since (time zones considered) we're running out of time for feedback... Sean went ahead and posted the final art files.  Hope this works.  I'm closing the bug.
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Thanks, Sean/Tara -- sorry for the delay.

The large banner (red bottom) is meant to be printed on one 3x1.5m panel.

The art for the varied floor posters is spot-on!

It was recently decided we'd like to create wall posters (3'h x 2'w) as well -- to decorate the walls and, afterwards, people could take them home.

I'll send the planner the art for the floor posters.

Re-opening to address the request for large banner and wall poster.
Resolution: FIXED → ---
Forgot to mention that we will have to ask the planner for more time given the recent decision about the wall posters. 

Can we turn-around the art for the above-mentioned wall posters and banner by 9am PDT Monday?
Do we need to do the large banner as you've stated, or can we do the 5 panel one I designed? I'd like the latter if possible. bigger and a more interesting visual.

As for the other posters, I'll try sure.
+1 for the five panel option. I really liked that.
Lee had to talk me through Sean's concept -- I was taking the mock-up from the vendor too literal :-? 

The five panel solution is wunderbar, Sean -- we'll go with that!
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Post-it and Sharpie - to the rescue!
We have everything we need as it were. Thanks for the hustle + awesomeness!
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