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Port "Time range to clear" from Firefox to SeaMonkey's "Clear private data" dialog


(SeaMonkey :: Bookmarks & History, enhancement)

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One thing I like in Firefox and miss in SeaMonkey is the ability to delete only the most recent browsing history and related from Tools > Clear private data.

As a use case, if you were just browsing around and want to get rid of any junk accumulated, picking "last x hours" would take care of this. Right now, the SeaMonkey dialog offers to pick the items (classes of data) but not the time range. Yes, the "History" dialog offers to sort by date, which clears only the history but not any related data (like cookies), for examples.

Filing RFE as I didn't find anything on adding this feature to SeaMonkey yet.
To clarify, this request is for adding the time-range menu only, not for any other changes introduced in Firefox bug 480169, such as the additional "Details" button to hide the individual checkboxes.
The Firefox guys did resign this dialog and code heavily when they implemented this and unfortunately never made the switch to a .jsm as I anticipated (I ported it from a patch in a meanwhile obsoleted Firefox bug). I think it would make sense to completely re-port that code and dialog from what they have now.
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