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BR tags appended


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Windows 7
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Steps to reproduce:

Using Firefox 7.0.1.
Case 1
1.  Create a contenteditable iframe.
2.  Create and append a span element to the iframe body.
3.  Show the innerHTML

Case 2
1.  Set the innerHTML of the iframe body to a span tag with content.
2.  Show the lastNode of the iframe body to be a span.
3.  Iterate and remove the children of the iframe body showing the tag removed.
4.  Show the lastChild of the returned document fragment.

Actual results:

Case 1:  A BR tag prefixes the span tag and is shown in the innerHTML alert.
Case 2:  A BR tag is appended to the returned document fragment.

Expected results:

Case 1:  No BR tag should have been appended.
Case 2:  No BR tag should exist and therefore should not be appended or found during iteration of nodes.
Component: General → Editor
QA Contact: general → editor
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