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Cookies: option "keep until I close Firefox" should delete all cookies, including those from saved tabs, when Firefox is closed


(Firefox :: Session Restore, defect)

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Steps to reproduce:

The option for cookies is set to "keep until I close Firefox".  Additionally, the option for session restore is set to save tabs for next time.

Actual results:

The cookies associated with tabs that are still open are not deleted when one closes Firefox.

Expected results:

The cookies should have been deleted, as clearly stipulated in the option selected.  If developers want to keep an option to save such cookies (as discussed in bug 443354), that should be an alternative option in the preferences.
Closed: 8 years ago
Resolution: --- → DUPLICATE
Duplicate of bug: eternalsession
This bug was marked as a duplicate of <a href="">bug 530594</a> but when I posted the following there it was suggested I move it back here.

Here are some suggested improvements to the user interface.

* Under Privacy: additional option for cookies in "keep until:" so that the options are now
  - they expire
  - I close Firefox: SAVE cookies from saved tabs
  - I close Firefox: ALSO DELETE cookies from saved tabs

* Under Privacy: additional clicky box under "accept cookies from sites" which says "always save cookies from saved browser tabs".  When this is selected (and it can be default for it to be selected) behaviour is the current default; when it is unselected, behaviour is what I expected.

* Under General: "when firefox starts:" options 
  - Show my home page
  - Show a blank page
  - Show my windows and tabs from last time (retain user data)
  - Show my windows and tabs from last time (discard user data).

I agree the 3rd idea here isn't ideal because it forces the issue on users with a very casual interest in their preferences.  I continue to hold the view that anyone who gets as far as the Privacy tab will understand the distinction, and many users, like me, will think the current UI options mean that they have selected behaviour to discard all cookies -- and be baffled / dismayed to find this not the case (see my comment 17 above).
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