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[Mobile] Pull out Aurora in-product lightbox promo for Firefox 9 Beta


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Firefox 9


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Firefox 9
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Hi everyone, 

In Bug 676047, we added a in-product lightbox promo to Firefox 9 Beta to encourage users to try out Firefox Aurora 10.  Due to the new Native-UI plan, we feel it might be best to hold off on this promo until Native-UI Aurora can be placed in the Android Market to 1) make the download process easier 2) prevent users from experiencing two very different products when Native-Fennec Aurora is pushed.  

Mark - would it be possible for us to take it out until the Dec release?  This would be the most ideal. 

Thank you
Priority: -- → P1
Hi Mark,

Wanted to get get an update if this would be possible to postpone until Dec 20.  We will also be putting Aurora in the Android Market then and would like to switch out the link to direct users to the Android Market instead of the wiki. 

OS: Mac OS X → Android
Hardware: x86 → ARM
tracking-fennec: --- → 9+
This patch is a straightforward backout of bug 676047, except that it does not remove the added strings.  (I didn't want to break string freeze on beta even by removing strings. The strings are still used in Fx10, so it is still useful for localizers to translate them.)

This patch applies to the Firefox 9 branch (currently Aurora, soon to be Beta).
Assignee: nobody → mbrubeck
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Attachment #573008 - Flags: review?(mark.finkle) → review+
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backout patch for Fx9

This patch is really only intended to land on Aurora (soon to be Beta)
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backout patch for Fx9

aurora->beta migration happened; updating flags.

This is a Fennec-only change that backs out some no-longer-wanted marketing content from the default home page.
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backout patch for Fx9

changing to beta approval, since the merge has happened
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Unfortunately this did not make the cut-off for the first 9.0b1 build.  Sorry.  :(  Do we need to respin for this?

If we don't respin, then 9.0b1 users on Android will see a promotion for Aurora on the fifth time they open Firefox Beta and load the default home page.
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Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 9
I don't think we should respin unless there's another need to respin. 

Can we get this in the next update? (how often do betas update?)
Yes, this will automatically go into the next beta update.  I believe in the past we have pushed beta updates about once a week.
Ok, no respin it is! Thanks
Build ID: Mozilla/5.0 (Android; Linux armv7l; rv:9.0) Gecko/20111122 Firefox/9.0 Fennec/9.0
Device: HTC Desire - Android 2.2
        Asus Transformer TF101 - Android 3.1

Verified fixed, Lightbox Promo was not displayed.
Keywords: verified-beta
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