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Tab count increment/decrement needs animation


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When user opens a new tab or closes a tab, the tab count should be shown, with an animation.
Attached patch Patch (obsolete) — Splinter Review
This patches does a small animation for tab addition and deletion.

Method used:
* A TextSwitcher is visible when the animation happens, and the image in the button is hidden (using a transparent color). This ensures that the button still receives the "touch" event to add/view tabs.
* The image button is made to use <level-list> for cleaner code. A max value of 100 is set for "down arrow", as people tend not to open more than 100 tabs anytime.
* Since the animations are smaller, I used them via code. I would also prefer moving them to separate files so that we have a good MVC pattern.

Problems I see:
* I am using a 500ms time for transition for the numbers, and a 500ms before showing the "+" or down arrow in the button. This might be too fast to notice. The time needed for transition must be decided.
* There is a visual glitch in sudden transition from number to image to number. I cannot use a fade-in/fade-out on the image, as it is a part of the button. If there is a need for a smoother transition, its better to come up with a "ButtonSwitcher" of our own.
Assignee: nobody → sriram
Attachment #570602 - Flags: review?(mark.finkle)
Attached patch Option 2: WIP (obsolete) — Splinter Review
This patch is same as the previous one. Except that, the "plus" and "more" images don't go away when the counter animation happens. The number stays on top of the image for 500ms and goes away. This reduces the visual clutter a bit.

(The padding and spacing aren't perfect yet. They can be perfected, if we plan to go with this option)
Attachment #570604 - Flags: review?(mark.finkle)
Priority: -- → P3
I am trying to fix this space between the two. But I'm unable to do it in all means. This needs more exploration. Probably it has to do with the font's baseline, which I'm failing to understand. This is avoiding the "overlap" being visible on animation. Other than that, my animation works now.
Attached patch Patch (obsolete) — Splinter Review
This patch does tab-counter animation with no overlap of digits. This uses TextSwitcher to achieve the same.
Attachment #570602 - Attachment is obsolete: true
Attachment #570604 - Attachment is obsolete: true
Attachment #570602 - Flags: review?(mark.finkle)
Attachment #570604 - Flags: review?(mark.finkle)
Attachment #573620 - Flags: review?(mark.finkle)
Attached image bad background
Patch looks OK, but the background of the text number is wrong. (Nexus One on Gingerbread)
Attached patch PatchSplinter Review
This patch fixes the background of the TextSwitcher.
Attachment #573865 - Flags: review?(mark.finkle)
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Looks good
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Attachment #573620 - Flags: review?(mark.finkle)
Closed: 13 years ago
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Seems like we could write tests here to keep track of tab counts and visibility.  Is there a reason why we aren't including such tests?
Samsung Galaxy SII (Android 2.3.4)
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Hardware: x86 → ARM
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