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6 years ago
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6 years ago
An extension installed in our wiki.m.o has a parser that uses the tag <video>. This is meshing with all modern browsers that support this tag.

In order for the extension to function properly there needs to be a change in FramedVideo.php (the main extension file) in this line:

$wgParser->setHook('video', 'renderFramedVideo');

to something like this:

$wgParser->setHook('video2', 'renderFramedVideo');

so we can use the parser. Thanks!

Comment 1

6 years ago

Is there any documentation available for this? As in, why do we need to change it at all. Basically, wikimo owner should be talking about this, but as we don't have a project manager for wikimo, as such, jakem from IT is leading this. Also, this will probably not break the wiki theme.

I see that you want to change the code in the very extension, which is not good, imho, for one big reason: We don't have developers for extensions nor wiki code itself, so we rely on updates from developers. That would mean that any change to extension code will possibly mess the further updates for it.

I'd advise investigating the problem, contacting developer of said extension and getting that fixed/updated. 

On the other hand, if something on our side is messing with this, we should figure out a way to have it working, or installing another extension.

Comment 2

6 years ago
I've been exploring this a bit and here's what I found out:

* The fix that Pierros proposed will fix FramedVideo extension[1] if EmbedVideo extension[2] is installed already
* The fix that Pierros proposed will change the tag that we need to use in pages content to display a video, because apparently this collides with already installed EmbedVideo extension.
* Both extensions EmbedVideo and FramedVideo are no longer maintained(last update to EmbedVideo was back in 2008, and last update to FramedVideo was in April of 2009). EmbedVideo has some serious security issues, so I'd like us to check our content, see how much do we actually use this functionality and then fix the content to use some other extension(that we can install, and that's up-to-date)

I'm marking this as confidential bug until we check how do we actually deal with this.
Group: mozilla-confidential, mozilla-corporation-confidential

Comment 4

6 years ago
Hey Milos! thanks for the follow up on this.
Please read the bug description again. the fix proposed indeed applies in other conflicts too (we do not have embedvideo though), but this has little to do with what we are trying to solve.

Extension was made and installed long before the introduction of <video> tag with HTML5. This conflicts, so I suggested to change the parser to something distinctive to our wiki.

I would have suggested it upstream, but as you can see extension is no longer maintained. FramedVideo has no known security issues and marking this bug confidential due to EmbedVideo is usuless as we do not have EmbedVideo installed ;-)


Comment 5

6 years ago
And sorry for the mistaken title ;-)
Summary: Fix in EmbeddedVideo extension → Fix in FramedVideo extension

Comment 6

6 years ago

Hmm, ok, I may have got that wrong.

(In reply to Pierros Papadeas from comment #0)
> [...]
> $wgParser->setHook('video2', 'renderFramedVideo');

This will only change a way we call the video tag from within wiki page content. That implies that we already have something else using this wiki tag(video). Do you know what's actually using that tag?

I assumed it's EmbedVideo as that seemed like a most possible choice.

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6 years ago
Sorry for bugspam, removing the restriction.
Group: mozilla-confidential, mozilla-corporation-confidential
Is this still an issue?
Flags: needinfo?(pierros)

Comment 9

4 years ago
Hey Christie, I don't know how to test anymore. Keep this open or resolved invalid?
Flags: needinfo?(pierros)
I don't think we have this extension installed anymore.
Last Resolved: 4 years ago
Resolution: --- → INVALID
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