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oauth code doesn't support non-json responses nor return the status code


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The OWA framework (services.js) does the json parsingof the body before passing it back to the app.  This fails if the response is not json, which it may not be even in our use-cases (eg, Twitter 500 errors come back as HTML).  Further, there is no way to get back the status code from the call (eg, there is no way to know that twitter returned a 500)

I think the correct fix is to (a) pass the raw response string back and force the caller to parse the JSON and (b) pass back almost all of the XHR attributes (eg, status, statusText, etc - probably even all the headers)
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Could you clarify what bug component this applies to?
This applied to a much earlier version of firefox share while it was still in the webapps "activities" component.  Activities is now broken out on its own and IIUC, the current FF Share implementation doesn't use client-side oauth at all.  So its out of date.
Closed: 8 years ago
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