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services/ failure during config


(Firefox Build System :: General, defect)

Not set


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add "set -oe" in services/ and a configure problem will become visible.

creating media/libsydneyaudio/src/Makefile
creating services/Makefile
creating services/crypto/Makefile
creating services/crypto/tests/Makefile
creating services/sync/Makefile
creating services/sync/locales/Makefile
creating services/sync/tests/Makefile
*** Fix above errors and then restart with               "gmake -f build"
gmake: *** [configure] Error 1
I tried this myself (except for mingw32 I have to use set -o errexit), and by a process of elimination using echos scattered throughout, it appears the problem is not in services/, it's a couple of lines further on in configure (after has been called):
mv -f config/ config/ 2> /dev/null

ie: would need to use the workaround in, since at the moment bash is correctly exiting as the return value is false.

However I suspect it's opening a can of worms (who knows what else would need to be rewritten throughout configure + elsewhere), so for now I decided to turn off |set -o errexit| at the end of (see bug 703930).
Per the bug summary, this is invalid, since there was no error in services/

However, a good possible breakout bug would be to investigate using |set -o errexit| in configure after making the workarounds described in comment 1, if it was deemed desirable. Suspect it may be a non-trivial amount of work though.
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