Add GC timing data for TI sweeping and XPConnect

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This does as it says. It also makes it a little easier to add new fields without having to worry about column alignment.
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I had an idea for an improvement to this. I'll post a new patch soon.
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6 years ago
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patch v2

This patch improves on the previous one by putting the MOZ_GCTIMER data into the Error Console (replacing the somewhat wrong data that was there before).

While I was at it, I also fixed the problem we have where we incorrectly think that all GCs are full GCs. With the fix, we will no longer run the cycle collector after a compartmental GC.

Gregor, do you have time to review this? Chris said his queue is pretty full.
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6 years ago
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and follow-up

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6 years ago
/me mumbles something about a patch to dom/ not getting a review from a DOM peer.

May I ask what the GC numbers mean ?

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6 years ago
Especially, is the "Total" the total time in ms?

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6 years ago
(In reply to Olli Pettay [:smaug] from comment #6)
> /me mumbles something about a patch to dom/ not getting a review from a DOM
> peer.
> May I ask what the GC numbers mean ?

Uh, sorry. I thought nsJSEnvironment.cpp was a special case.

The numbers are in milliseconds. I can add units, since I guess it is a little confusing. Mark and Sweep are the time to do marking and sweeping. The remaining numbers mostly just break down the sweeping number. +Chu and -Chu tell you how many GC chunks were allocated or freed since the last GC.
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