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"ASSERTION: Framesets should not be positioned and should not float" when full-screening a <frameset>


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1. Set user_pref("full-screen-api.enabled", true);
2. Load the testcase
3. Click anywhere


###!!! ASSERTION: Framesets should not be positioned and should not float: '!disp->IsAbsolutelyPositioned() && !disp->IsFloating()', file layout/generic/nsFrameSetFrame.cpp, line 1566
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Hrm.  So the issue is that we have some existing !important position/float rules in the UA stylesheet, but the full-screen rules are more specific...

The assertion here dates back to bug 263406, but positioning of framesets was disallowed even before that....

We can probably remove this assertion for <frameset>, I suspect; I don't know of any obvious reasons why it can't be positioned/floated in the particular way that fullscreen stuff does it.

But this raises an interesting question: what should happen for <frame>?  Per spec, the insides of <frameset> don't participate in CSS layout at all, iirc; I'm pretty sure that trying to apply the fullscreen styles to <frame> won't work.  Since I expect no one will ever do that, maybe the spec could just forbid fullscreening <frame>?

And a similar question about <option>, actually.
Still happens on trunk after b99801e9a0c0 and friends modified the assertion condition:

###!!! ASSERTION: Framesets should not be positioned and should not float: '!disp->IsAbsolutelyPositionedStyle() && !disp->IsFloatingStyle()', file ../../../layout/generic/nsFrameSetFrame.cpp, line 1520

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