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determine what it would take to ship an Android beta off mozilla-aurora


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Mobile needs to ship Native UI by EOY; that would require them to take riskier patches in beta than desktop is willing to take. They also want the capability to build a XUL Fennec in addition to the Native UI, so keeping native in birch and XUL in mozilla-* enables that for the short term.

We're of course going to make sure they merge back in when they're able to.
However, we have to figure out how to ship off birch.
Blocks: 701816
We can point our release configs at any repo; that's not an issue.
We need to determine if our programmatic logic will assume we need birch- prefixed/suffixed mozconfigs or l10n-changesets other files or the like.
[14:19]	<aki>	do we want a releases/mobile-native or something so we can reset birch later without losing tags?
[14:24]	<bear>	that seems to give us the option of not losing data - and you just know things are going to change as this project marches on
Priority: -- → P3
As of today, we are targeting a merge into mozilla-central before the Aurora merge.

We may still need to release off Birch, but more likely we'll want to send the native UI build to the beta audience.

Most likely this will involve building mobile betas off of mozilla-aurora, which is much less of a change in process.
Summary: determine what it would take to ship an Android release off birch → determine what it would take to ship an Android beta off mozilla-aurora
We're targeting Firefox 11, which means we'll release off mozilla-beta and mozilla-release as usual.  We may want this capability in the future; closing until that point.
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