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Desktop Linux/Gtk build with --disable-pango is broken


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This was broken due to gfxFT2Font* changes and refactoring in bug 684889. Although the --disable-pango configuration is not something we actually ship, or care much about, it may sometimes be useful for debugging purposes as it produces a desktop Firefox build whose font-rendering codepaths are much more similar to the Mobile product.

The attached patch allows the browser to build and run, although it's rather rough-and-ready. A better fix would involve substantial reworking of gfxPlatformGtk to properly use gfxFT2FontList, but it's not a high priority IMO.
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you have disabled whole FT2 stuff, why? does it display any fonts in that mode?
IIRC qt build was compiling fine without these changes...
I can confirm this. The build fails here -- 

The mozconfig used is here --
With this patch, the browser seems to build and run OK, except that user fonts (@font-face rules) are not supported.
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patch, fix the Linux/GTK build with --disable-pango so that it compiles again

Works fine for me
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Is this likely to land soon? It's blocking my refactoring in bug 762737 as we use the non-Pango gfxFont implementation for Skia/Linux.
The first patch has bit-rotted quite badly, unfortunately.  (I wanted it because I'm writing a memory reporter for Freetype because it uses a substantial amount of memory on B2G, and I wanted to test the reporter code on desktop first.)
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Clearing old review requests. Bug 947379 is removing the MOZ_PANGO conditional altogether. If there's anything here we still want to do, let's start afresh; otherwise, I think this is WontFix.
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