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Steps to reproduce:

After upgrading to 3.6.24 all of my toolbar buttons hidden.
Cookie Manager Button, AdBlock Plus button, the complete Web Developer toolbar and more.
All toolbar hidden.
Get back my toolbars NOW.


7 years ago
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Comment 1

7 years ago
I upgraded to 3.6.24 a while ago and had no problems with the Adblock Plus button and the Web developer toolbar, so I cannot confirm this.

What does "all of my toolbar buttons hidden."? All, or just extensions?
What are your settings under "View > Toolbars"?
If they are just hidden, you could try to display them again?

Plus please see https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/page.cgi?id=etiquette.html with regard to wording.
Severity: critical → normal
Summary: 3.6.24 Toolbar sucks → 3.6.24 Toolbar buttons of extensions hidden

Comment 2

7 years ago
Thank you for your quick reply.
I have a lot of addons and some of them have a button in my toolbar.
This picture show how it looks before and after the update.
The Web Developer toolbar area is shown, but dont show any text or button it in.
In the right side i has Cookie Manager Button and AdBlock Plus toolbar icons before the upg.

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7 years ago
dwd: Please don't add uselesss comments like "?????". They create bugmail for everybody. Plus it's a weekend so no need for commenting after two days. Plus we are all volunteers.
I hope you did read my link in comment 1.

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7 years ago
Check in the addon manager that the extensions are enabled. Then after starting Firefox, see if there are any message in tools->error console.

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6 years ago
insufficient information
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