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Intermittent test failures in test_breakpoint-01.js


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Windows 7
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From the try run at:

TEST-PASS | c:\talos-slave\test\build\xpcshell\tests\toolkit\devtools\debugger\tests\unit\test_nativewrappers.js | test passed (time: 94.000ms)
TEST-INFO | c:\talos-slave\test\build\xpcshell\tests\toolkit\devtools\debugger\tests\unit\test_eval-01.js | running test ...
TEST-PASS | c:\talos-slave\test\build\xpcshell\tests\toolkit\devtools\debugger\tests\unit\test_eval-01.js | test passed (time: 98.000ms)
TEST-INFO | c:\talos-slave\test\build\xpcshell\tests\toolkit\devtools\debugger\tests\unit\test_eval-02.js | running test ...
TEST-PASS | c:\talos-slave\test\build\xpcshell\tests\toolkit\devtools\debugger\tests\unit\test_eval-02.js | test passed (time: 99.000ms)
TEST-INFO | c:\talos-slave\test\build\xpcshell\tests\toolkit\devtools\debugger\tests\unit\test_eval-03.js | running test ...
TEST-PASS | c:\talos-slave\test\build\xpcshell\tests\toolkit\devtools\debugger\tests\unit\test_eval-03.js | test passed (time: 97.000ms)
TEST-INFO | c:\talos-slave\test\build\xpcshell\tests\toolkit\devtools\debugger\tests\unit\test_eval-04.js | running test ...
TEST-PASS | c:\talos-slave\test\build\xpcshell\tests\toolkit\devtools\debugger\tests\unit\test_eval-04.js | test passed (time: 100.000ms)
TEST-INFO | c:\talos-slave\test\build\xpcshell\tests\toolkit\devtools\debugger\tests\unit\test_eval-05.js | running test ...
TEST-PASS | c:\talos-slave\test\build\xpcshell\tests\toolkit\devtools\debugger\tests\unit\test_eval-05.js | test passed (time: 99.000ms)
TEST-INFO | c:\talos-slave\test\build\xpcshell\tests\toolkit\devtools\debugger\tests\unit\test_breakpoint-01.js | running test ...

command timed out: 1200 seconds without output, attempting to kill
SIGKILL failed to kill process
using fake rc=-1
program finished with exit code -1

remoteFailed: [Failure instance: Traceback from remote host -- Traceback (most recent call last):
Failure: exceptions.RuntimeError: SIGKILL failed to kill process
Component: Developer Tools → Developer Tools: Debugger
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Assignee: nobody → past
This issue affects Windows XP as well.
The cause of the failure is that the script URL reported by SpiderMonkey is this:

DBG-SERVER: Got a new script:[object Script], url: c:/Users/past/src/remote-debug/obj-i686-pc-mingw32/_tests/xpcshell/toolkit/devtools/debugger/tests/unit/test_breakpoint-01.js, startLine: 56, lineCount: 4, strictMode: undefined, function: undefined

While the path found by the test is this:

  "to": "conn0.context2",
  "type": "setBreakpoint",
  "location": {
    "url": "c:\\Users\\past\\src\\remote-debug\\obj-i686-pc-mingw32\\_tests\\xpcshell\\toolkit\\devtools\\debugger\\tests\\unit\\test_breakpoint-01.js",
    "line": 59
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The problem stems from the fact that the paths returned by SpiderMonkey in newScript notifications are the same on all platforms, while the do_get_file helper function returns a native path. I used a pattern I've seen in other tests to differentiate between Windows and UNIX.

Rob, this is an addendum to the big review in bug 697762. You may want to review this after you get through the other parts or I could attach this patch to the other bug for your review, after Dave approves it.

Tested on OS X and Windows 7. Try run at:
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it's fine here, thanks. :)
(In reply to Panos Astithas [:past] from comment #3)
> Tested on OS X and Windows 7. Try run at:

16 hours later and it still hasn't started, so I fired off a new one:
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Working patch

sorry for the delay on this. Patch looks fine to me.
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