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js::MaybeGC(JSContext*) (jsgc.cpp:2167): Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s)


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Tracking Status
firefox9 --- unaffected
firefox10 + affected
firefox11 + fixed
status1.9.2 --- unaffected


(Reporter: jaas, Assigned: terrence)



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Seen running Firefox trunk x86_64 build on Mac OS X 10.6 under valgrind:

==97971== Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s)
==97971==    at 0x108C9551F: js::MaybeGC(JSContext*) (jsgc.cpp:2167)
==97971==    by 0x108BFD3A3: JS_MaybeGC (jsapi.cpp:2767)
==97971==    by 0x107C21546: nsJSContext::ScriptEvaluated(bool) (nsJSEnvironment.cpp:3127)
==97971==    by 0x107C20667: nsJSContext::EvaluateStringWithValue(nsAString_internal const&, JSObject*, nsIPrincipal*, char const*, unsigned int, unsigned int, JS::Value*, bool*) (nsJSEnvironment.cpp:1336)
==97971==    by 0x107BC0639: nsXBLProtoImplField::InstallField(nsIScriptContext*, JSObject*, nsIPrincipal*, nsIURI*, bool*) const (nsXBLProtoImplField.cpp:151)
==97971==    by 0x107BA1139: XBLResolve(JSContext*, JSObject*, jsid, unsigned int, JSObject**) (nsXBLBinding.cpp:199)
==97971==    by 0x106FCEF02: CallResolveOp(JSContext*, JSObject*, JSObject*, jsid, unsigned int, JSObject**, JSProperty**, bool*) (jsobj.cpp:5402)
==97971==    by 0x106FCF3B4: js::LookupPropertyWithFlags(JSContext*, JSObject*, jsid, unsigned int, JSObject**, JSProperty**) (jsobj.cpp:5455)
==97971==    by 0x106FDDB4D: js_SetPropertyHelper(JSContext*, JSObject*, jsid, unsigned int, JS::Value*, int) (jsobj.cpp:6105)
==97971==    by 0x106F8F235: js::Interpret(JSContext*, js::StackFrame*, js::InterpMode) (jsinterp.cpp:3743)
==97971==    by 0x106FBA3C6: js::RunScript(JSContext*, JSScript*, js::StackFrame*) (jsinterp.cpp:584)
==97971==    by 0x106FBB6F8: js::InvokeKernel(JSContext*, js::CallArgs, js::MaybeConstruct) (jsinterp.cpp:647)

Will mark as security sensitive to be safe, hopefully it isn't necessary.
Could you take a look at this, Terrence? It looks like gcNumFreeArenas isn't initialized. It should be done in the JSRuntime constructor, which is in jsapi.cpp.
At worst we perform a GC the first time we enter MaybeGC so it's not sec-sensitive.
Assignee: general → terrence
OS: Mac OS X → All
Hardware: x86_64 → All
The pages I loaded under valgrind when this came up: the Mozilla nightly home page,, and
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If your sure this is not sec-sensative then please unhide.

This appears to be resolved, so I am marking it (resolved->fixed), per request from Ed Morely who monitors mozilla-inbound > mozilla-central merges.
Closed: 13 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
adding the changeset that landed this in m-c :

and setting target milestone to FF 11
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla11
This is a "regression" from bug 700357 which added this property. Unfortunately that landed the day before the merge and made it into Fx 10, so we need to land this fix on Aurora as well.
Blocks: 700357
Keywords: regression
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Looking at the code I agree w/Gregor in comment 2: the only decision based on this possibly bogus value is whether to GC now or wait a bit and that's not a security problem.
Group: core-security
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Daniel, thanks for unhiding this: I don't have permission bits to do that.

If we want to go ahead and push this to FF10, there is zero risk in doing so.
Target Milestone: mozilla11 → ---
*sigh* Bugzilla, why do you do these things to me?  I can't even see the fields I just unset.
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla11
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