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Triggering DOMAttrModified event handler causes "Use of getAttributeNodeNS() is deprecated" warning


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I managed to narrow down the source of the "Use of getAttributeNodeNS() is deprecated. Use getAttributeNS() instead." warning that I see occasionally - looks like having a DOMAttrModified event listener around causes that warning if the event listener is triggered. See attached testcase that does nothing other than adding this event listener and triggering it. This is enough to cause this warning to pop up in Error Console. Tested with Firefox 8 and current 11.0a1 nightly on Windows 7 x64.
This is kind of ok, since also DOMAttrModified is deprecated.

Need to add a warning about using DOMAttrModified once we have the replacement done.
I'm using it because it appears to be the only way to get notified when <xul:tree> finishes editing ("editing" attribute is removed).
DOMAttrModified deprecated?  Maybe there needs to be a replacement first?
The Lightning calendaring extension for Thunderbird triggers the same warning because it is using DOMAttrModified too (

When is it going to be removed? What should be used instead?
We shouldn't spam the warning until the replacement is available. Even if we want some kinds of warnings, the current message does not indicate what actually cause the warning.
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