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HTML5 Native Context Menu - Usability


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Steps to reproduce:

Implemented an HTML5 context menu

Actual results:

I got an HTML5 context menu. It's lacking some usability, though.

Expected results:

See attached image for side-by-side comparison.

a) Firefox „simplifies“ the menu for images and links. Obviously I don‘t need „save image“ on a text-link, and no „reload page“ on either of them. Why do I get that stuff with html5 context menus?
b) Add some checkbox/radio elements to <menuitem> of said types. Currently you can‘t tell them apart.
c) Think about moving the Fx menu to a sub <menu> of the html5 menu. I‘d argue the html5 stuff is primary and Fx‘s „save image“ a secondary (yet still important and accessible) option.
Blocks: 617528
There is some discussion about (c) on the W3C bugtracker[1] where I just added a new proposal[2] there which also kind of covers (a). 

… also, the last example for context menus in the spec[1] shows a solution to (c) which "hides" the default/"native" context menu items behind a disclosure triangle (which is IMO the best solution, and is used on at least Windows and Mac natively). 

See Also: → 897102
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