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Move static feature blocks to compiled-in blocklist


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Previously, we lived in a world where we didn't have a generalized blocklist which works on all platforms. With the changes in bug 668004, we now have a proper blocklist on every platform, so we can move some of the hacked-in special cases to this blocklist. Note that I'm not at all referring to the downloadable blocklist.
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Depends on: 668004
Blocks: 706702
Moves some of the special cases that we wrote into the GfxInfo classes to the statically compiled-in blocklist. This is preferable because it is easier to see what's going on, and is easier to remove (there can be no mistakes in code flow when one of these entries are removed which causes bugs in handling other special cases).
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Patch v1.0, move some special cases to static blocklist.

Review of attachment 578496 [details] [diff] [review]:

r=me with the cleanups

::: widget/src/android/GfxInfo.cpp
@@ +309,5 @@
> +     * It is staying here for reference. The best way to do this now is to add
> +     * an entry in the list above. There is a dummy entry which will whitelist a
> +     * device when uncommented and device/vendor IDs are inserted. It is
> +     * preferred that we stop whitelisting and instead go to blocklisting, where
> +     * everything is assumed to be okay as long as it's not in the blocklist. */

I think we should just delete this code altogether. We can always find it in mercurial. :)

::: widget/src/cocoa/
@@ +400,5 @@
>    {
>      status = nsIGfxInfo::FEATURE_BLOCKED_OS_VERSION;
>    }
> +  // The code around the following has been moved into the global blocklist.

Let's just delete the whole block.
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Removed comments/old code. +r carried
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