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Complete mozTelephony call API functionality


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This includes reflecting callstate properly, dispatching the relevant events, and supporting functionality like hanging up.
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Attached file very simple HTML phone
Here's the simplest possible HTML demo for this API (and it works!)
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Part 2 (v1): Complete most of the mozTelephony API

I should mention some of the deficiencies in this patch:

* Not all call state transitions are notified at this point. Only the ones initiated by the radio are. The ones that would be initiated by the user (e.g. by answering or hanging up the phone, IOW "connecting" and "disconnecting") aren't notified yet.

* I haven't implemented mozIDOMTelephonyCallEvent. I'm not even sure I can in JS. So '' will be undefined.

* We could and should be verifying assumptions in more places. See the TODO statements in the code.

Also, please ignore the dump() calls, I already removed them but forgot to refresh the patch.
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Part 1 (v1): Call state handling & manipulation

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Please make sure to flag as "TODO:" all the missing parts you have in your head. We will iterate on this further, looks great so far.
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Part 2 (v1): Complete most of the mozTelephony API

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Looks fine to me!
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(Bug was ambitiously named, this was really only about call functionality. Still missing audio stuff like muting, speaker, volume, DTMF tones, etc. Will file a follow-up bug for those.)
Summary: Complete mozTelephony API functionality → Complete mozTelephony call API functionality
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