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use services::GetObserverService instead of do_GetService


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Several do_GetService(NS_OBSERVERSERVICE_CONTRACTID) calls have snuck in over time; the incoming patches replace them with their equivalent, mozilla::services::GetObserverService.  There are still a couple two-argument do_GetService(NS_OBSERVERSERVICE_CONTRACTID, &rv) calls lying about; I chose not to handle those in this patchset.
Simple patch for docshell and dom.
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Attached patch use GetObserverService in places (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Simple patch for places.
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Simple patch for xpcom.
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use GetObserverService in docshell, dom

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use GetObserverService in places

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In both places you may use just services:: since those files already have using namespace mozilla;
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Adjusted to account for mak's comments and drive-by-fixes to other mozilla::services:: instances in the touched files.  Mak approved the drive-by-fixes on IRC.  Carrying over r+.
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