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tests with empty body should cause a JS strict warning


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I just wasted time today for the second time debugging a code that mysteriously didn't work because of a trailing semi-colon after a test:

  if (<test>);

<code> is unconditionally executed. I think this code should cause a JS strict warning to appear in my error console and in my terminal (I use a debug build).
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Waldo, have you noticed that we do work to detect warning situations even when warnings are disabled? /me wonders how much we can win by not doing that.
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Update: I hooked a test into an existing strict warning test.
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Corresponding warning.

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Nice.  And yeah, I kind of do wonder about warnings, although I doubt it matters much usually.
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Florian, thanks for the good idea!
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(In reply to Chris Leary [:cdleary] from comment #4)

> Florian, thanks for the good idea!

Thanks for acting on it so quickly! I didn't expect such a fast turnaround on a small detail like this. Now I just wish I filed this bug the first time I wasted time on such a bug instead of adding on my todo list over a year ago that I should do it someday ;).
It's definitely a crapshoot -- some ideas are easier than others and some days the most relevant developers are more highly caffeinated than others. :-)
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