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GCLI needs a cache control command


(DevTools Graveyard :: Graphic Commandline and Toolbar, defect)

Not set


(Not tracked)



(Reporter: jwalker, Unassigned)



(Whiteboard: [gclicommands])

> cache off [--thisSessionOnly]
> cache on
> cache clear memory|disk|all
Blocks: GCLI-12
No longer blocks: GCLI-FUTURE
Bug triage, filter on PEGASUS.
Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 12
Bug triage, filter on PEGASUS.
Priority: -- → P2
Bug triage, filter on PEGASUS.
Thinking about this some more, what I really want is:

> cache off localhost

And I don't need to separate the different types of cache.

So 3 sub commands:

> cache off <all|domain>
> cache on <all|domain>
> cache list

But I guess that's harder?
Assignee: nobody → dcamp
No longer blocks: GCLI-12
Target Milestone: Firefox 12 → Firefox 13
Target Milestone: Firefox 13 → Firefox 14
Target Milestone: Firefox 14 → Firefox 15
No longer blocks: 745773
Target Milestone: Firefox 15 → Firefox 16
Pinging all command bugs marked for FF16.

Should we mark for 17?
Perhaps we should ask who would find this useful.
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Whiteboard: [gclicommands]
Target Milestone: Firefox 16 → Firefox 17
Triage: Filter on the TRIAGE keyword.
Target Milestone: Firefox 17 → Future
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Component: Developer Tools: Console → Developer Tools: Graphic Commandline and Toolbar
Assignee: dcamp → nobody
Resetting priorities because these P* levels are very out of date.
Sorry for the bug spam. Filter on Lobster Thermidor
Priority: P2 → --
This isn't a particularly useful bug to have on file.
It's a feature request, and we're not actively developing GCLI now, and are unlikely to in the forseeable future
Closed: 4 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
Product: Firefox → DevTools
Product: DevTools → DevTools Graveyard
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