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Investigate substantial increase in libxul size since Gecko 10




5 years ago
5 years ago


(Reporter: khuey, Assigned: emorley)


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Firefox 9b5: xul.dll is 15,719 KB
Firefox 10.0a2: xul.dll is 15,724 KB
Firefox 11.0a1 (12/13): xul.dll is 16,115 KB
This applies to linux i686 as well, so it most probably is cross platform.
Firefox 9.0b5: is 22,082,596 B
Firefox 10.0a2: is 22,231,412 B
Firefox 11.0a1: is 22,587,112 B

(and FWIW, Firefox 8.0's is 21,545,036 B)
The difference between 8 and 9 is probably TI, but I can't think of anything we've landed in this cycle that's big ...
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Here is a script that I wrote a while ago that could be helpful to identify where code size comes from. It takes as input a map file as GNU ld outputs them. You need to add -Wl,-Map,/some/file to the link command line, and then run the script against that file. It will output size per section per file with the format "section(file) size" for .text, .data* and .rodata sections. File names are relative to objdir/toolkit/library. What I wanted to do with this output is to create an interactive treemap, but I never found the time.
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xul.dll filesizes since 1st Nov

CSV of xul.dll filesizes for each mozilla-central win32 nightly since 1st Nov.

Would appear the main increase is:
2011-11-17-03-09-39 -> 2011-11-18-03-10-05
...which added 284KB bytes (the next highest increase is only 32KB).

This equates to:
Ah, Skia.
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Last Resolved: 5 years ago
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