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Bring back 'change.password.pwSameAsRecoveryKey' string


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Bug 675823, specifically part 4 (see bug 675823 comment 17), removed the 'change.password.pwSameAsRecoveryKey', but it's still used in the password change dialog (via syncUtils.js)

Bug 689832 comment 6 even claims that this will let you set your password to the Sync Key. I'm skeptical that this is the case, but I haven't verified.
Looping in Axel. The smallest fix here would be to simply bring back the string that was erroneously removed. Is that gonna be ok on Aurora?

If not, we can also just get rid of the check entirely. I mean, we don't let users choose their own Sync Key anymore anyway. The whole "your password mustn't be equal to your passphrase" isn't really an issue anymore. If you want your password to be a 26 character long ass string, fine...
We're 5 weeks into the string freeze on aurora, we should get along without this string, if possible.
Then I propose we just rip out that functionality. rnewman, what do you think?
(In reply to Philipp von Weitershausen [:philikon] from comment #3)
> Then I propose we just rip out that functionality. rnewman, what do you
> think?

I was just about to say!

I think the original intent was to remove that check anyway. It pretty much stopped making sense once users could no longer pick a passphrase.
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Removed the check which uses "change.password.pwSameAsRecoveryKey".
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Looks good to me.

Raymond: Will you need someone to commit this for you? If so, please confirm the name and email address you would like reflected in the source control system and I will commit it for you.
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Please you commit that for me. Thanks!
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