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Firefox is already running messagebox not modal and brought to the front of the installer.


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I used Nightly to download the FF8 installer on Windows 7 x86_64, then closed Nightly, but clicked on the "Downloads Finished" tab that appeared. This made it look as if Nightly has exited, and I launched the installer.

When the installer finished, it gave me an option to "Launch Firefox", which I selected. Pressing the "Next" button then caused the installer to hang with a "(Not Responding)" in the titlebar. Windows popped up a dialog asking if I would like to terminate the dead program.

Instead of terminating the program, I pressed alt+tab, which revealed a messagebox saying "Firefox is already running [OK]". It was hidden by the installer, which looked very dead. Pressing OK brought the installer back to life, and it exited.

We should handle the already-running case gracefully.
Summary: Firefox 8 installer hangs with Nightly open in the background. → Firefox is already running messagebox not modal and brought to the front of the installer.
I suspect that hiding the main UI before displaying the messagebox would fix this.
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As discussed in the stub installer bugs, this is due to the low integrity process window being lower in the z-order than the high integrity one, and the prompt coming from the low integrity one.  

As per the previous discussion, even if elevated to a different user, the prompt will show up on the same desktop and the FindWindow call that shows this UI will function correctly.

Doing a clobber at the moment, but will test this patch once that's done.
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Tested with:
- admin users
- limited user accounts unelevated
- limited user accounts elevated

And it all works correctly.
When you click finish you get an error, but the installer is not dismissed. You have a chance to close firefox and click finish again.  I think this is wanted / expected though.
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