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7 years ago
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We have a new download page replacing the current download page and focused on messaging the fact that Firefox is designed by a non-profit and defends the interests of the end user and no one else.

Here are the pages for your locale:


You need to translate the file download.lang in your svn repository for mozilla.org, here is the link to the file:


It is only a few strings but since it is the download page, it is a key page. Please check that the pages looks visually good and that the message is at the same time engaging and ok for users of your locale.

If you see visual bugs or need adjustments for your locale, please mention them in this bug.

You can translate this page by svn and just add the revision number of your commit or you can attach the translated file to this bug and I will commit for you.


Comment 1

7 years ago
I committed a translation in r100148. The layout of the three benefits is not great, but I've run out of time to check how to fix it. I guess we need to at least consider fixing them before closing the bug. Pascal, are you able to look into that? I can try to verify a bit later. I'm also trying to find someone to review in the meanwhile.
I committed css fixes in r100151, I think it looks ok now, what do you think?

Comment 3

7 years ago
I committed a small update in r100165, with which I think it is ok now (the third benefit was showing in 3 lines for me). I did some testing in other browsers (IE6 doesn't look great, but I guess we don't care).
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