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Simplify parsing to the right of a dot in a property access

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Right now we reuse primary-expression parsing to parse in the |obj.<here>| and |obj..<here>| cases.  This results in us having to propagate an |afterDot| argument through |primaryExpr| to cope, complicating control flow and making it difficult to read, and harder to understand.  This also makes it harder to propagate property-is-a-PropertyName information from the tokenizer into parse nodes, and from there to the bytecode emitter.  We should parse |obj.<here>| not using the same code that parses |<here>| alone.

This adds lines of code overall, for the moment, although I argue it is much easier to understand than the previous, shorter code.  It also has the benefit of not going to substantial effort to construct a parse node for <here> if it's just a plain old name and isn't followed by ::.  (This is an adoption of simplicity from the existing non-E4X parsing path.)  I may be able to get some back by subsequently semi-unifying |obj.<here>| parsing with |obj..<here>| parsing.  But this is enough change here that an incremental patch makes sense, and in any case I think the simplicity pays for the line delta anyway.

This is atop all the patches in bug 710932.
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Oh, here's the patch I was looking for.

This looks great. I'll review today.
Can't finish today. Tuesday.
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You stopped short of rewriting the TOK_DBLDOT case in memberExpr, and then eliminating the afterDot parameter of primaryExpr entirely? I don't mean to look a gift refactoring in the mouth, mind.

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At a certain level I remain aware that I'm doing this mostly to hasten the property storage split, so I'm wary of doing more work than necessary that exceeds the needs of that particular problem.
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