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Add custom icon property to options


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It can be useful to dynamically specify the icon of a popup notification and not rely on a CSS id rule.

This can be done by adding an |icon| property to the |options| parameter of
(In reply to Fabrice Desré [:fabrice] from comment #0)
> It can be useful to dynamically specify the icon of a popup notification and
> not rely on a CSS id rule.

I expected the goal of this bug to be that you don't need a custom XBL binding when putting an icon inside the popup.
Yes, that is the goal. There currently is an icon in the popup, you just can't easily change it's source without using CSS.
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So basically you want this API to follow notification bars? That design is flawed, see bug 415400. The icon lives in the theme, it makes sense to set it there as well.
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Ah, the icon property would be optional. Makes sense.

I chose popupIconURL rather than iconURL since there's also the anchor icon.
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The webapp icon needs to be enforced a maximum size:
Now webapps can have very large icons and thereby blowing up the notification panel.
Given that the pop-up notification no longer shows an icon, is this bug still valid? If so, could you clarify why?
Not sure what you mean - this bug is FIXED. It added some capabilities that we're no longer using, but I don't see any pressing need to back them out.
Okay. So is there no way then to verify this from an end-user perspective? If there isn't, as long as the code change is in then, we'll marked this verified then.
There is currently no user of this API in Firefox, right.
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